Stage One Classes

Stage one classes build a solid foundation of swimming skills. They are divided into three groups, which successively build on each other at this level: frogs, goldfish and seals.

During this stage, the children gain confidence in the water and learn the basics of freestyle and water safety. Classes cover basic skills such as kicking front and back, breath control and freestyle arms. Water safety is also covered extensively during this stage.

These children are developing skills and independence  in the water with lots of play and fun. Kicking, blowing bubbles and being safe in the water. These children spend lots of time jumping in and being encouraged to reach to the edge of the pool. Floating and treading water are also skills introduced as part of water survival.

The children are building on water safety skills and learning basic swimming skills. Lots of kicking on front and back, use of arms, breath control, blowing bubbles and being able to take a breath and blow bubbles again.

These children are building their skills learning headrolls and bilateral breathing. Back stroke is introduced