Parent-Child Classes

For our youngest swimming students, we run parent and child classes that cover the basics of water safety. We refer to students at this level as “seahorses” and the goal is to learn the following activities:

> ENTRY – Enter water willingly with assistance or unassisted
> BLOW BUBBLES 1 – Able to exhale in water
> OPEN EYES – Under water, come up and blink
> BACK FLOAT – Float on back with assistance
> MOVE – Through water using arms and legs – assisted
> EXIT – Reach for edge exit pool independently (without assistance)
> SUBMERGE – Happy to go under water independently
> DISENGAGE – Able to disengage from parent and move independently (with noodle)
> JUMP IN – Turn around and grab the edge (in deep water)

When these skills are learnt, students then become “starfish” and move on to the following set of skills:

> PROPULSION – Through water using arms and legs unassisted
> PRONE FLOAT 1 – Float on tummy with assistance
> BACK FLOAT 2 – Back float without assistance
> BLOW BUBBLES 2 – Blow bubbles for 5 seconds face submerged
> PRONE FLOAT 2 – Float on tummy without assistance
> MOVE – Use arms
> KICK CORRECTLY 1 – With face in for 5 seconds with board
> KICK CORRECTLY 2 – With face in for 5 seconds without board